Month: November 2018

led lamp testing at home

video Videos Hello everyone, how are you? Today i will show How to make a continuity tester at home using Pen to make Easy way. Here is a new concept for the use of LED … Learn more about Diode Dynamics: At Diode Dynamics, we do extensive testing in Read More

led lamp testing on animals

video Videos Switch to HD 720 or 1080 for best viewing experience** Not too hot, not too cold. So why not head out late at night for a walk with our animals. Plus great time to … Albrillo Solar Powered Animal Deterrent LED Light Review Product Link: A constant Read More

2.5 watt t3 led lamp

video Videos Get it here… Support the Peter von Panda channel here… ZEEFO ZEEFO G8 LED Bulbs, Dimmable 110V … This is a quick review of LED replacement bulbs for halogen work lights. You can buy them on Amazon: … PLT LED-T3-6-30K 6-watt T3 LED lamps are brilliant Read More

led lamp tube manufacturer nigeria

video Videos Lumos Global is the largest provider of off-grid solar in Nigeria, offering homes and small businesses an affordable way to pay for solar energy in small … Prof. Kingsley Moghalu is the Presidential candidate for Young Progressive Party – YPP. Moghalu served as Deputy Governor of the Central Read More

testing garden path led lamp

video Videos Here is my review of the Bell+Howell Disk Lights, solar-powered accent lighting. Watch this brief update: Buy it: … NorthLight, Kuopio Finland 25.8.2017. £29,99 €39,95 , a very good solar light. … To view the first video in this series, please click here:

110 volt led lamp tubes

video Videos Helped Roadking save some power by bypassing the ballasts in his old tube lamps that he converted to LED. Follow me on Twitter: … To show that 220v led light bulb will run on 110v. T8 18W 4 foot LED T8 tube replacement bulb for traditional 44 Read More

led lamps to replace h6054

video Videos 7×6 Diamond Cut Black Housing H6054 Sealed Replacement White LED Headlight Lamps. Although the LEDs were bright enough to use as day time running … This is Cree LED Headlight Headlamp Replacement for sedans light SUV Review. Video Including: [0:08] a.Cree LED Headlight Review [1:14] b.Lighting State … Read More

projectors with led lamp types

video Videos Before you do any alteration to your vehicles lighting system, make sure it is legal for you to do so in your area. After installation make sure the lights are also … At Headlight Revolution we get tons of questions from people asking “What’s the best option for Read More

led lamp specs 6 volt

video Videos A tutorial on the basics of using LEDs (light emitting diodes). Polarity, forward voltage and current are discussed. 300 LEDs for $13: … I thought I might have a problem with this thing not pulling enough power to run the turn signals, but I didn’t expect it to Read More